Hello everyone!

I have released an update for the new x64 client; you can grab it from the MultiWars2 page. I have kept the old version around in case it gives any issue.

P.S.: thank you Jim for testing the release! Have fun!

I’ve fixed an issue with the command line handling code in MultiWars2; you should now be able to correctly pass arguments to Gw2.exe.

As a reminder, this is how to automatically authenticate yourself when launching the game:

MultiWars2LT.exe -email your@email.com -password yourpassword -nopatchui

I’ve released a new version of my Guild Wars 2 launcher, and I’ve renamed it to MultiWars2LT.

I have simplified it a lot compared to the previous release by removing both the debugger engine and the user interface. I have other projects I have to dedicate my time to right now, and I currently don’t have much time to spare for MultiWars2. This is why I’ve rewritten it as a simple command line tool; I know it doesn’t have any fancy bell, but it should get the job done.

Don’t worry, I will keep updating it in case compatibility issues arise with new patches.

I’ve recently stumbled upon a nice IDAPython script from Alexander Hanel that automatically renames functions according to the APIs it references; I found it really handy, but I kind of disliked the fact that it was actually changing the procedure names, mostly because it was messing up the database when using verbose configurations (having too many tags meant having extremely long function names).

Other issues included the fact that adding and/or removing functions was not super-friendly, and that there was no support for profiles or different configuration files. Eventually, I’ve decided to write my own version of this small utility, trying to implements the following features:

  • Tag functions according to rules defined in separate configuration files
  • Use comments to tag functions, in order to avoid messing with names
  • Provide an easy way to uninstall the plugin, without leaving garbage in the database
  • Show the tags in a separate window

You can find both the Python script and the sample configuration on GitHub.

The OpenToAll group is going to host a practice CTF event for newbies; the competition will last 48 hours, beginning on September 6th, 00:01 EST.

I don’t know much about the details but I know it will have at least some reverse engineering challenges, since I have prepared one of the levels myself.

Here’s the link, in case you are interested: OpenToAll Practice CTF.