Writeup for the Broken challenge from VolgaCTF 2016 Quals

This is a writeup for the Broken challenge from VolgaCTF 2016 Quals. The first part of the article will explain how to remove the anti-debugging protection and restore the opcodes that have been removed. The second part will make use of radare2 to patch the program and repair the logic of the locks used to synchronize the threads. [Read More]

MultiWars2 support for Guild Wars 2 x64

Hello everyone!

I have released an update for the new x64 client; you can grab it from the MultiWars2 page. I have kept the old version around in case it gives any issue.

P.S.: thank you Jim for testing the release! Have fun!

Automatic login with MultiWars2

I’ve fixed an issue with the command line handling code in MultiWars2; you should now be able to correctly pass arguments to Gw2.exe.

As a reminder, this is how to automatically authenticate yourself when launching the game:

MultiWars2LT.exe -email your@email.com -password yourpassword -nopatchui