MultiWars2 support for Guild Wars 2 x64

Hello everyone!

I have released an update for the new x64 client; you can grab it from the MultiWars2 page. I have kept the old version around in case it gives any issue.

P.S.: thank you Jim for testing the release! Have fun!

Automatic login with MultiWars2

I’ve fixed an issue with the command line handling code in MultiWars2; you should now be able to correctly pass arguments to Gw2.exe.

As a reminder, this is how to automatically authenticate yourself when launching the game:

MultiWars2LT.exe -email -password yourpassword -nopatchui


I’ve released a new version of my Guild Wars 2 launcher, and I’ve renamed it to MultiWars2LT. I have simplified it a lot compared to the previous release by removing both the debugger engine and the user interface. I have other projects I have to dedicate my time to right now, and I currently don’t have much time to spare for MultiWars2. This is why I’ve rewritten it as a simple command line tool; I know it doesn’t have any fancy bell, but it should get the job done. [Read More]

MultiWars2 update (version 2.0)

I’ve released a new version of MultiWars2, containing some bug fixes and many improvements. You can download both the binary release and (as always) the complete source code from the new MultiWars2. Features Just a launcher: this program is just a launcher; once the game is started, you can close it. Shared mode: use one installation and run it multiple times! If you only want to trade/craft/level up, then this mode is for you! [Read More]